Ethan Hart Guitar EH 1 Black Single Cutaway with White Binding

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Cheap Ethan Hart Guitar EH-1 Black Single Cutaway with White Binding Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019


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*****UPDATE***** After starting this clearance several months ago we ve sold hundreds of Ethan Hart Guitars and many are buying two or three different models. We have now run out of all models but the EH-1 (Black Single Cut/White Binding) We only have a couple dozen left so these WILL NOT last long. We have some of the other models that may need new pots and will post those when they are finished. We haven t decided whether or not we will build this brand again so get the best guitar deal online now while you can. This is the perfect opportunity to get a premium guitar at an economic price. Ethan Hart is a brand designed by Greg Bennett and distributed by Greg Bennett Co in Franklin TN. These guitars have $500 worth of premium hardware on them and are designed for maximum sonic output. They were originally priced at $1 400 but production has stopped until the rest of this inventory is cleared. These have slight cosmetic blemishes and have been discounted heavily for that reason. The blemishes consist of mostly barely noticeable air bubbles under the finish. This is a a remarkable deal that typically only retailers have the opportunity to jump on!

Ethan Hart Guitar EH-1 Black Single Cutaway with White Binding Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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