Horizontal Display Mount for Electric Guitars Made in the USA White

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Cheap Horizontal Display Mount for Electric Guitars (Made in the USA) (White) Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

Brand : KR Ideas

Category : Solid Body

Ratings : 3.8 Star

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  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • 2 piece assembly
  • Made out of white thermal plastic
  • Easy installation
  • Holds a single electric guitar
  • Mounting hardware included

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Horizontal Display Mount for Electric Guitars (Made in the USA) (White) Advantages

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Horizontal Display Mount for Electric Guitars (Made in the USA) (White) Disadvantages

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This is a one of a kind idea and is above anything else on the market today. It will keep your guitar secure and on display similar to the Hard Rock Cafe. Ideal for musicians who want to have easy access to their guitars. Guitar Ideas is dedicated to help you create a music wall for your pleasure. Made out of a durable white thermal plastic the mount supporting the neck of the guitar is 5 inches long to accommodate the electric guitar neck and has a set screw on the backside to keep it secure and strong. The mounting posts are covered with white protective caps to prevent scratches and damage. And the end mount is unique using the guitar strap button to permanently secure the guitar to the post. It also has an extra security measure of a square head screw through the strap button post. No attachments to the guitar. Mounting hardware and instructions included. Handcrafted in the USA. Kirk Rogers is an American inventor who designs practical and attractive products for the enhancement of people s living spaces. Kirk Rogers has been and Amazon Top Seller since 3005 with over 500 inventions to his name. Search KR Ideas on Amazon for other ingenious storage display and furniture products. All KR Ideas products are original and fabricated in the U.S.A. If you have a specific problem that needs a design solution contact KR Ideas and have them create a product tailored to your needs.

Horizontal Display Mount for Electric Guitars (Made in the USA) (White) Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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