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Cheap Lace Electric Guitar Single Effect White (21061-01) Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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  • Emerald Lace Sensor: Position: Neck Resistance: 5.7k Peak Frequency: 3450 Inductance: 2.7 hernias
  • Silver Lace Sensor: RWRP Position: Middle Resistance: 7.1k Peak Frequency: 3000 Inductance: 3.38 hernias
  • Purple Lace Sensor: Position: Bridge Resistance: 10.5k Peak Frequency: 2400 Inductance: 5.8 hernias

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Get that Monterrey Pop sound! The Rainbow pack features 3 of our finest sensors that offer legendary tone. Our Emerald Sensor in the neck is perfect for that rich Texas inspired tone. The middle is our Silver Sensor; a great single coil with fat sound. It s configured as RWRP in this set. In the bridge position is our Purple Sensor which is reminiscent of a hot quiet P-90; imparting a sound we know you ll love.

Lace Electric Guitar Single Effect White (21061-01) Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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