Other 6 String Solid Body Electric Guitar Right SPJ NT D

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  • A slightly downscale version of the sunburst
  • Full depth dovetail neck joint
  • Fitted with a Hamer dog eared P-90
  • Double cutaway Body
  • Single volume/single tone electronics

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The special Jr. A slightly downscale version of the sunburst was originally released in 1980. It differed from the sunburst mainly in that it lacked binding and an arched top. Built with a full depth dovetail neck joint and fitted with a Hamer Dog eared P-90 the SPJ provides resonance Galore. It may look like a one-trick pony but what a ride. Model: The special Jr. Style: Double cutaway top: N/a bridge: tune-o-matic neck: Mahogany body: Mahogany fretboard: rosewood inlays: dot nut: graphite nut width: 1 5/8 Tuners: chrome die cast scale: 24 3/4 Pickups: 1 Dog ear single coil controls: 1 volume 1 tone.

Other 6 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar Right (SPJ-NT-D) Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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