PRS CUSTOM 24 08 FADED WHALE BLUE 10 TOP Electric Guitar w Strap

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Cheap PRS CUSTOM 24-08 FADED WHALE BLUE 10 TOP Electric Guitar w/Strap Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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  • Artist grade one-piece quilt maple top looks unbelievable
  • 85/15 humbucking pickups balance vintage character with modern clarity
  • 408 switching system with coil-split switches for each pickup
  • PRS Tremolo system

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PRS CUSTOM 24-08 FADED WHALE BLUE 10 TOP Electric Guitar w/Strap Advantages

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PRS CUSTOM 24-08 FADED WHALE BLUE 10 TOP Electric Guitar w/Strap Disadvantages

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Product Descriptions

The Custom 24 is the quintessential PRS guitar the iconic instrument that started it all back in 1985. The Custom 24-08 keeps all the same foundational specifications as the original Custom – maple top mahogany back and neck 24 frets 25 scale length the PRS patented Gen III tremolo and dual 85/15 pickups – but adds a new level of versatility with its simple switching system. Featuring mini-toggle coil tap switches (like the PRS 408 model) the Custom 24-08 has eight different pickup settings that provide an array of humbucking and singlecoil tones including a dual singlecoil option unique for this model. For classic PRS playability reliability and tone with ultimate flexibility check out the Custom 24-08. *GEN III Tremolo* Rest assured the Gen III trem functions in all the same ways as the PRS patented tremolo system always has. As always the bridge is machined brass a metal that rings beautifully. The block intonation screws height-adjustment screws and the string slots on the saddles are all left un-plated for increased sustain and fidelity of tone.

PRS CUSTOM 24-08 FADED WHALE BLUE 10 TOP Electric Guitar w/Strap Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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