Ritter Junior RJG600 9 E BSN Electric Guitar Gig Bag

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Cheap Ritter Junior RJG600-9-E/BSN Electric Guitar Gig Bag Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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Category : Solid Body

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  • 15mm Foam Padding Protection
  • Made From Strong Luggage Grade Nylon Material
  • Large A4 sized music pouch with separate large accessory pouch
  • Heavy Duty stitching throughout
  • Adjustable padded backpack style shoulder straps

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Ritter Junior RJG600-9-E/BSN Electric Guitar Gig Bag Advantages

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Ritter Junior RJG600-9-E/BSN Electric Guitar Gig Bag Disadvantages

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Ritter Gig Bags the Worldwide Leader in Gig Bags Brings this stylish and high quality gig bag to you at a budget friendly price. The RITTER JUNIOR 400 Series line of gig bags offers great protection at an incredible price. All bags are made from super strong luggage grade nylon with 10mm foam padding quality No.8 zippers and Ritter branded zipper pulls. These bags have a silk-screened reflective RITTER Eagle logo that gives you nighttime safety walking to and from your gigs and have heavy duty stitching to keep your instrument safe. Protect your instrument with RITTER GIG BAGS and never be worried about your precious instrument again. All RITTER GIG BAGS come with a 1 Year warranty against manufacturers defects.

Ritter Junior RJG600-9-E/BSN Electric Guitar Gig Bag Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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