Schecter 640 Solid Body Electric Guitar Cat s Eye

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Brand : Schecter

Category : Solid Body

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  • Mahognay Body w/3-pc Mahogany Neck
  • Grover Rotomatic Tuners
  • Schecter Diamond Plus Pickups
  • Fishman Powerbridge (Piezo) TOM & TonePros Tailpiece
  • Achieve both Electric and Acoustic tones

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Schecter 640 Solid-Body Electric Guitar Cat s Eye Advantages

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Color:Cat s Eye

The C-1 E/A Tigers Eye features: a Mahogany body a set 3-piece Mahogany neck with Ultra Access and a 24 X-Jumbo frets on a Rosewood fingerboard. Loaded with the Schecter Diamond Plus pick-ups and a Fishman Powerbridge Piezo the C-1 E/A is able to produce incredible drive and pristine acoustic tones all at the flip of a switch. The C-1 E/A is the go to all-purpose guitar.

Schecter 640 Solid-Body Electric Guitar Cat s Eye Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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