Schecter 7 String Solid Body Electric Guitar Sky Burst 1279

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Dominating studio sessions as well as the stage the new Sun Valley Super Shredder III 7-string by Schecter Guitar Research is tailor-made for today s modern guitarist who demands an instrument with head-turning looks buttery playability and supreme tonal versatility. A comfort-contoured mahogany body with figured maple top is joined to a 24-fret 26.5-inch scale bolt-on hard rock maple neck to deliver a feel that will be right at home in any guitarist s hands while the Floyd Rose 1500 bridge serves as a bulletproof foundation for your strings no matter how wild you get with your whammy bar. The instrument also comes factory-equipped with EMGs new Retroactive pickups in an incredibly versatile H-S-S format; designed to deliver the power and clarity of active pickups with the dynamic response of passive pickups the EMG Retroactive Hot 70 7-string humbucker in the bridge dishes out tones perfectly suited for searing leads and chugging rhythms while the well-balanced EMG Retroactive single-coils provide a beautifully clear tonality with a sparkling treble response and defined low-end. Available in Aurora Burst equipped with a maple fingerboard and abalone offset/reverse dot inlay or Sky Burst with a matching headcap ebony fingerboard and Pearloid inlay Schecter s Sun Valley Super Shredder III 7-string ups the ante with boutique looks and performance at a price that is accessible for the average working musician.

Schecter 7 String Solid-Body Electric Guitar Sky Burst (1279) Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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