Shredneck Travel Guitar Cherry Sunburst Model STVD CS

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Cheap Shredneck Travel Guitar - Cherry Sunburst - Model: STVD-CS Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

Brand : Shredneck

Category : Solid Body

Ratings : 5 Star

Reviews : – People

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  • Travel Guitar with Gig Bag
  • 3/4 Scale Length
  • LP Body Style with 2 Humbuckers Nato Body Master Volue/Master Tone Controls 3 Way Toggle Switch
  • Cherryburst Finish over Flamed Maple Photo top
  • 22 Fret Rosewood Crown Fingerboard on Maple Neck

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Shredneck Travel Guitar – Cherry Sunburst – Model: STVD-CS Advantages

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Shredneck Travel Guitar – Cherry Sunburst – Model: STVD-CS Disadvantages

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Product Descriptions

Hit the road with this Shredneck Travel Guitar. Compact and light weight allows it to fit in most overhead compartments on airplanes. The straps on the gig bag allow you to take this guitar anywhere. Now you can practice and keep up your playing skills while you are away from your main guitar. Deluxe Model Features: 3/4 Scale Photo Flame Top (colors that are transparent) Rosewood Fingerboard Crown Inlays 22 Frets Natural Finish Maple Neck Humbucker Humbucker Pickup Configuration 3 Way Toggle Switch Master Volume Control Master Tone Control Chrome Hardware Gig Bag Included

Shredneck Travel Guitar – Cherry Sunburst – Model: STVD-CS Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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