Ultra Light Electric Travel Guitar w Gig Bag Electric Yellow

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Cheap Ultra-Light Electric Travel Guitar w/Gig Bag (Electric Yellow) Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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Category : Solid Body

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  • Full 24 3/4" scale electric travel guitar
  • Fits in airline overhead bins. Only 28 in. long!
  • One-piece Eastern American Hard Maple neck-through-body design
  • 3 lbs. 2 oz. & 28" long
  • Features a Dual-Rail Humbucker Pickup

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Ultra-Light Electric Travel Guitar w/Gig Bag (Electric Yellow) Advantages

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Ultra-Light Electric Travel Guitar w/Gig Bag (Electric Yellow) Disadvantages

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Product Descriptions

Color:Electric Yellow

The most compact electric guitar by Traveler Guitar The Ultra-Light Electric is the smallest lightest full-scale electric travel guitar available. The proprietary In-Body tuning system uses standard tuning machines relocated into the body to create a guitar that has a full-scale neck yet is substantially shorter than full size electrics. The lack of a headstock and a small ergonomic body allow the guitar to be 28% shorter and 68% lighter than a full size electric all while preserving the same full-scale playing experience you re used to. Complete with a high-output dual-rail humbucker and a standard 1/4-inch output you can plug this directly into your favorite amp or recording device. The guitar weighs just over three pounds and is only 28-inch long so it can go where you go. The lap-rest can be stowed for storage and transportation allowing the guitar to fit easily in an airline overhead compartment in the included gig bag. The Traveler Guitar Ultra-Light Electric is the perfect solution for traveling players unwilling to compromise on scale length but still looking for the smallest and lightest solution available.

Ultra-Light Electric Travel Guitar w/Gig Bag (Electric Yellow) Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019

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